an incomplete overview of my work


Development of a new entertainment concept for office workers, created under the umbrella of Supermarket Agency.

Brand Identity
Digital Design
Concept development
Creative Direction
Web development
3d mockup
Co&Co presentation magazine

Concept presentation magazine


Co&Co store render

Store concept design

Co&Co object presentation

Absolut Warhol

Andy Warhol produced over 50 artworks of the Absolut bottle in the 80s, one of them became the famous Absolut Warhol ad. The bottle became art, the art became an ad, 30 years later the circle is complete; the ad became a bottle.

Packaging design
Concept development
Absolut Warhol bottle on yellow

Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Edition was an instant success. It sold out in many outlets after less than one month. Approximately four million bottles were made and sold in more than 100 countries.

Absolut Warhol original ad

Original ad by Andy Warhol. ©1985 the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Absolut Warhol bottle design close up

The screen print that was once a print ad is the foundation of the design. To get the full typography and the right expression for every word, we had to look in the Warhol archives. Every detail, except the information on the rear label are from Andy’s hands; we have merely put it together.

Absolut Warhol on blue
Absolut Warhol bottle design
Absolut Warhol shipping container design


Popswap is an app for fashion interested people to connect and swap clothes. I worked with all parts of the visual communication, product development and business strategy.

Brand Identity
UX / UI design
Concept development
Web development
Popswap app ui design

Product design of the app.

Popswap app ui design

Popswap – Homepage

Popswap social media posts design

Social Media content design

Concept development of Fashion Goals Academy - a series of digital lectures and exercises for Swedish high school students aimed at inspiring young people to make more informed and sustainable fashion choices.

Popswap Fashion Goals Academy poster

Poster – Fashion Goals Academy

Fashion Goals Academy – Homepage

Popswap diplomas design

Diplomas for students

Popswap  re:lunch posters

Re:Lunch – Lunch event to promote sustainable fashion during Stockholm Fashion Week

Archivist Gallery

Design and concept development for a new type of online shopping experience.

Brand Identity
Concept development
Digital Design
Web development
3d mockup
Archivist Gallery render with logo
Archivist Gallery render
Archivist Gallery logo on orange

Symbols and wordmarks

Forza symbol
Archivist Gallery symbol
Supermarket logo
Signell Knutsson symbol
Pug Life logo
AWA wordmark
AWA symbol
Greta logo
Trut Publishing logo
Le Cord logo
homerun logo
zelig logo
h symbol black and white
black and white h symbol
m symbol white on black
black and white the club logo

Oskar Linnros

Identity for the artist Oskar Linnros and the album release "KLAPPAR OCH SLAG". The idea for the design comes from black and white film noir. The mood of album is very cinematic and the title references to hands and high contrasts ("klappar" meaning soft taps and "slag" hard strokes)

Brand Identity
Print design
Motion design

Supermarket Agency

Concept and visual development for a brand new communication agency.

Brand Identity
Digital Design
Concept development
3d mockup
Web development
Supermarket Agency graphic design
Supermarket Agency 3d render signage design
Supermarket Agency card design

Absolut Discovr

Team up with your friend for an unexpected Spotify playlist based on your taste in music and to top it up with drinks that match your taste. The Absolut Discvr cleverly mashes up Spotify track data creating surprising playlists and visualizes it all in a beautiful way.

Digital design
Concept development
Absolut Discovr with Spotify
Absolut Discovr site
Absolut Discovr site with Spotify
Absolut Discovr site with Spotify
Absolut Discovr site with playlist and drinks

Absolut Vodka

From 2012 to 2016 I worked as an Art Director at Satumaa Family Business (previously Family Business) with Absolut Vodka in different projects. During that time I was part of creating a massive amount of bottle designs and concepts, unfortunately only a fraction of the work is realized.

Product design
Digital design
Concept development
Abolut Colors ad
Absolut Colors bubble close up
Absolut Colors drink image
Abolut Mixr site
Absolut Nox with  light on and off
Absolut Now back and front

Space Alteration / Shy Lamp

An investigative process of people’s relation to objects and space. A lamp which serves as a ground for invitation to play.

Space Alteration is the result of a collaborative effort between Felix Andersson and Christian Isberg

Product design
Concept development
Space alteration lamp design
Space alteration mood

Encounter No 1

Encounter No 1 is the first in a series of unexpected encounters between designers arranged by NK with the intention of creating interesting, innovative collections. This is NK’s way of highlighting new designers and giving the department store a contemporary influence, as a place of constant change.

Brand Identity
Concept development
Film Direction

Telescope AI Owl

Design of a smart assistant to help companies get a fast and easy understanding of their marketing effectiveness and competition analysis – presented as a cute owl.

3D design
Concept Development
Telescope AI owl
Telescope AI owl close up
3d render of owl
3d print of owl

Assorted projects

Additional bits from other projects.

3d design
Brand Identity
Print design
charger design
Zelig website design
Zelig website design
Zelig website design
ear phone airplane  design
Varpu album cover
Skott label design
Pug Life brand id
le cord packaging design
le cord packaging design